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Kolot (Voices) is committed to creating a model society in Israel with an emphasis on pluralism and inclusion of all voices within Israeli society. We train networks of leaders throughout Israel to use Jewish ethical principles, in order to impact their own work and to help create a value-based vision for the Jewish State.

Our Students

Kolot students are leaders and influencers, who hold key positions in Israeli society and come from an array of identities and backgrounds, representing an authentic tapestry of Israel’s citizens.

Network Voice

Professionally homogeneous groups: Enabling deep studies about the challenges in participants networks and ecosystems. Participants are carefully selected, religiously and ethnically diverse, and explore a joint professional subject.

Organizational Voice

for organizations and communities who want to learn about coping with diverse challenges, focusing on conflict resolutions, teamwork, social issues and ethical dilemmas.

Individual Voice

Focusing on professional challenges as well as moral

dilemmas. A one-on-one study process with a Kolot facilitator and custom-designed curriculum.

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