Kolot engages the plurality of voices within the Jewish textual tradition in order to help fashion Israel as a model society. Employing the rigor and dynamic of the beit midrash (house of study), we train networks of leaders in various sectors of Israel to give expression in their work and lives to the highest Jewish ethical principles, thus strengthening the moral fabric of Israel as a Jewish State.

Our Participants

Kolot participants are leaders and figures of influence who hold key positions in Israeli society and come from an array of identities and backgrounds, representing an authentic tapestry of Israel’s citizens.

Network Voice

This aspect of Kolot’s work is with professionally-homogeneous groups in order to enable in-depth explorations of the challenges in the participants’ networks and ecosystems. Participants undergo a rigorous selection process, ensuring religious and ethnic diversity. Together they explore jointly matters of shared professional interest.

Organizational Voice

This aspect of Kolot’s work focuses on organizations and communities that want to confront diverse challenges for the workplace team, such as conflict resolution, practices of good communication.

Individual Voice

Kolot also works on a one-on-one basis with individuals to explore professional challenges and moral dilemmas that they face. Together, the facilitator and participant determine goals, define parameters of their work, establish curriculum, and agree upon measures of success.


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