Individual Voice

Instruction and mentoring of leaders by a Kolot facilitator.

A personalized learning program based on the “Act, learn, activate” approach, in our "Individual Voice" program we teach innovative techniques for coping with concrete challenges in daily life, defined by the participating individual or organization. The Jewish sources are adapted to them and serve as a basis for the learning process and dialogue that develops when the texts and the subject meet, through the Midrashic method of thought and allow for a re-examination and re-framing of the challenges and modes of action. Personalized guidance is a unique learning format that combines the homeroom, Beit-Midrash system with contemporary guidance methods, enabling the learner to cope with a variety of dilemmas and challenges while enhancing insights and achievements. The guiding process enables both personal empowerment and recognition of the activity and is unique in the combination of the personal and professional language of the participant. The accompaniment is subject to the Code of Ethics of the guiding facilitators at Kolot.


Using the network of quality Kolot graduates, which includes over 2,500 graduates holding key positions in Israeli society, we promote initiatives, consultations and connections with strategic partners.

Community and Support

Guidance from the facilitators and Kolot community during the various stages of the project, who meet regularly to learn and share knowledge.

Exposure and Advertising

The program uses marketing tools and public relations to publicize and expose initiatives within and outside of Kolot.


Participation in the program
The program requires a payment, determined according to the required scope of the program. However, each year the accelerator grants 20 scholarships of up to 30 hours of personal training and study. The value of the full program is $5,000 while members are required to pay a nominal fee only. Individuals and organizations interested in personalized programs are invited to contact us with any material that may assist us in understanding and assessing the required guidance.


  • Individuals who apply should also submit their CVs.

  • Applicants who wish to apply for a scholarship will note so in the application.

  • Applicants who are found suitable will be invited to an introductory meeting.

  • Applications should be sent to Orly Daboush-Nitzan, CDO, atb

Participant Commitment

  • Committing to the guidance process- participation in as many meetings as determined in advance.

  • Participating in learning processes (reflection) in the program.

  • Writing feedback on the guidance process.

  • Participating in meetings of the accelerator community with colleagues and donors.

Our Participants


Noam Lautman

Head of the Lautman Foundation

דויד שרז.jpg

David Sharaz

Engages in socio-economic entrepreneurship and education

קבוצת תמיכה.jpg

Dr. Yuval Shorer and Tali Samson

"Support Group"

עדי גושפנץ.jpg

Adi Gushpantz

Head of the IDF's "Destiny and Specialization" course

דינה אטיאס.jpg

Prof. Dina Atias

Director of the Hematology Institute, Bnei Zion Hospital

אביבית בר אילן.jpg

Avivit Bar Ilan

Director of the Department of European Organizations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

נטע כפרי.jpg

Netta Bitan-kafri

"And We Choose Life"

אילה שליו.jpg

Illa Shalev

"Educating for Peace"

פורסאן חוסיין ועמי דרור.jpg

Ami Dror and Forsan Hussein

Co-Founders of Zaitoun Ventures

מקור דיפלומטי.jpg

Kavea Shafran

Diplomatic source

יואל חשין.jpg

Yoel Heshin

Chairman of the 2B group

אביב וסרמן.jpg

Aviv Vaserman

Deputy Mayor of Lod city

שרה 'ס.jpg

Sara Kas

Social entrepreneur

דניאל מרון.jpg

Daniel Merom

UNHCR and special organizations in the Foreign Ministry