This Kolot program invites leaders from all sectors of society to deal with core value and identity-based challenges existing in Israeli society and its leaders through Beit-midrash studies.

At Kolot we believe that in the Jewish sources and Israeli culture are hidden keys to growing a value-based nation, connected to its identity and roots.

The Amitim program has been running at Kolot for 21 years. Alumni include over 1800 women and men, all leaders in key positions in Israeli society. Participants are selected men and women of diverse Israeli backgrounds and identities, representing an authentic tapestry of Israel’s ethnic and social fabric. Participants of the group will be influencers in different professional sectors.

Program goals:

  • Developing professional practices and norms which will promote a value-based community within Israel.

  • Strengthening participants leadership foundations.

  • Deepening participants understanding of their Jewish and Israeli identity.

Challenges discussed:

  • The culture of dispute- turning disagreement into a basis for growth and meaningful discussion.

  • What is our responsibility towards others around us?

  • Living together in a divided society- How do we create an accepting, pluralistic society with a united vision?

The program will include 13 bi-weekly sessions and a weekend seminar.