Round Tables

Round-tables is a workshop dealing with an issue or dilemma brought up by a Kolot alumnus. The initiative is an attempt to give Kolot alumni a chance to find answers to urgent issues and ways to contribute to society by solving or changing them. The sessions are led by a Kolot facilitator together with an alumnus- They will be held in the manner of Beit-Midrash built to fit exactly the theme of the Round-table. The alumnus, who is chairman of the Round-Table, is a partner in decisions over contents and application of the Round-tables' theme. Participants will be picked with the help of Kolot and will all be in professional fields relevant to the Round-tables' focus. The chairman may propose participants as well, who are not Kolot alumni, whose practice is relevant.


The program usually holds 3-4 sessions, depending on the chosen topic. The sessions are free of charge.

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How do you build Teamwork as a LEADER?

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Walking to the Promised Land (Ethiopian Community)