Voices of our Own

Dana Sender-Mulla

Director of the Israeli branch of JWRP

“Kolot is a gift I got for life… I was blessed with a wonderful group of people, with many of whom beyond a wonderful friendship, I developed professional relationships. I enjoyed a rich and pluralistic Jewish discourse, one that gave me confidence to read, explore, ask and learn… I still have so much to learn, but the way the information was presented to us sent me off with a lot of curiosity and a love for learning.”

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Hilla Hadas

Executive director of Enosh- the Israeli Mental Health Association

“For me Kolot is a place of learning different from anything I’ve ever known- Creating a meeting with an abundance of wisdom and knowledge that deepens mutual understanding in discourse, arguments and disagreements and yet preserves the strength that exists in controversy.”

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Avi Naim

Former Head of Beit Aryeh local council

“For me, Kolot is a window that in every meeting shows me a new angle on my surroundings and enables me to reflect on myself and my actions... Kolot gave me tools that make me a better leader, and in that way helped me make a positive change.”

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Avrami Torem

Commissioner of equal rights for the disabled at the Ministry of Justice

“Kolot created in me a feeling of belonging and of connectivity to my identity- to something deeper and more meaningful that connects us all and that we’ve lost many times down the road. Kolot gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons from a challenging and pluralistic perspective, to see things in a different light and understand the connections that already exist between our past and present."

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Ori Hacohen

CEO of Maof, subsidiary of BDO consulting

“For me, Kolot is a rare opportunity to pause our daily lives and think about important subjects in our personal lives, at work and in our relationships through learning, thoughtfulness and conversations with unique and smart people.”

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Dr. Morit Beeri

pediatrician, director of the Alyn Hospital - a rehabilitation center for children and youth in Jerusalem

“Kolot gave me a wonderful framework of study, kinship, and friendship. A framework in which I am constantly learning how Judaism and its many sources are relevant to every moment of the existence of a rationalistic, humanistic and liberal lifestyle.”

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Doron Almog

Major general, Head of two rehabilitation villages, one for children and adults with severe systemic injuries and one for all residents of the south. Chairman of the "Closing Ranks" Association for Soldiers and National Service Graduates who lack familial support systems. Chairman of the “Duchifat” Foundation for Birding and Environmental Protection

“Kolot deepened my understanding of tradition and Jewish philosophy over the past 3000 years. It is a way to connect to our roots and strengthen our identity.”

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Eliashiv Reichener

A writer and columnist, he has written many books about Israeli society

“For me, Kolot is a wonderful experience of joint learning and getting to know people with an abundance of wonderful abilities.

I frequently use the knowledge and assistance of the people I studied with. I returned from our trip to the USA with a new perspective on Jewish communities abroad.”

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Mika Almog

a columnist for Yedioth Ahronoth's "Seven Days" and a writer

“The studies at Kolot brought me closer to the Jewish sources, to their beauty and complexity, but also allowed objection and reexamination- which is a welcome way of thinking. Kolot gave me two fascinating years of learning and expanding my horizons, an opportunity to meet fascinating people and an array of forms of thinking that are present in me to this day.”

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Avraham Haion

CEO and Founding Partner of the “Nachach” NGO, which operates “Sachi”- an organization that works with hundreds of youth volunteering to give to the needy in their community

“For me, Kolot is a place to listen and learn, to absorb new and interesting knowledge and to connect to amazing people from different backgrounds.”

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